Bloomreach Adds TikTok to its Growing List of Integrations, Helping Marketers Optimize Ad Spend With Better Targeted Content

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, September 6, 2023Bloomreach, the platform fueling limitless e-commerce experiences, today announced marketers now have the ability to integrate TikTok ads with Bloomreach Engagement. With real-time data, advanced audience building, and granular segmentation fueling their TikTok ad strategies, Bloomreach Engagement users can ensure content is always targeted toward relevant, high-value audiences. Further utilizing Bloomreach’s integrations across Snapchat, Facebook, and Google, marketers can build holistic ad strategies that drive down customer acquisition costs (CAC) and show shoppers the content they really want to see.

TikTok has over one billion monthly active users, and on average, its users open the app 19 times a dayand spend almost 11 minutes in each session. With a wide reach and high levels of user engagement, it serves as an ideal channel for marketers to consistently grow and strengthen customer relationships. Yet as shoppers are inundated with more digital ads than ever before — across every channel — the ability to target customers with relevant content has become crucial.

By integrating their TikTok ads with Bloomreach Engagement, marketers will be able to leverage real-time customer data and key segments to reach the right shoppers with each ad. They can use AI predictions to see which audiences are best suited for each ad, and to predict high-value, high-intent audiences. This data-driven approach ensures that, even with fewer ads deployed, marketers can increase their chances of engaging customers — optimizing ad spend and driving greater revenue.

“The impact TikTok has had on today’s consumer is outstanding. This isn’t just a social media channel — it’s a source of inspiration and validation when making a purchase. And with such high levels of engagement, it’s quickly becoming a staple in every marketing strategy,” said Amanda Elam, Chief Marketing Officer, Bloomreach. “With Bloomreach, businesses can use richer data and smarter AI to make every TikTok ad as impactful and cost effective as possible. We’re excited to launch an integration with such a popular channel and grow our list of integrations across the customer journey.”

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