krow Launches Heartwarming Campaign for Elephant Atta Unveiling "Home Is Where the Elephant Atta Is"

krow Launches Heartwarming Campaign for Elephant Atta Unveiling "Home Is Where the Elephant Atta Is"

krow Group today announces the launch of its latest campaign for Elephant Atta, "Home is where the Elephant Atta is."

A cherished name in South Asian households, Elephant Atta asked krow to devise a heartwarming campaign to captivate audiences by celebrating the vital role of flour in South Asian family life. The finalised creative is set to leave a lasting impression on homes across the nation.

Elephant Atta's iconic pink bag has been a trusted companion in kitchens for generations, embodying the true essence of home-cooked comfort. To honour these invaluable connections, krow devised a campaign to highlight the role of chapatti-making in the heart of South Asian families.

"Home is where the Elephant Atta is" captures the everyday moments that make South Asian family life so special. It features real families from diverse backgrounds, welcoming viewers into their homes and kitchens as they prepare cherished meals together. This authentic portrayal pays homage to the cultural significance of food and the bonds it creates.

To elevate the campaign's emotional resonance, krow partnered with international Asian music superstar, Raxstar. His heartfelt poem perfectly encapsulated the sentiment that Elephant Atta evokes in every home. Raxstar's lyricism added an authentic layer of connection, serving as a love letter to the brand and the memories it fosters.

Produced by Knucklehead and directed by Hugh Rochfort, the "Home is where the Elephant Atta is" campaign runs nationwide via a multi-faceted approach, encompassing:

  • Television and Cinema: An evoking 60-second advertisement that invites audiences to experience the emotional journey of South Asian families.
  • Digital and Social Media: Engaging online content and storytelling that resonates with diverse audiences, celebrating the cherished moments Elephant Atta helps create.
  • Activation and Point of Sale: Engaging OOH activations and captivating point-of-sale displays in key locations to connect with consumers on a personal level.

Harman Randhawa, Client Service Director at krow Group comments: "There's nothing better than eating chapattis, parathas, or rotis at home, and Elephant Atta is the pink bag that's been doing it for generations. The 'Home is where the Elephant Atta is' campaign celebrates the heart and soul of South Asian families, their traditions, and the cherished moments they share around food."

“We had a lot of fun developing this campaign, working with real families and getting to know how food brings them together. With the lyricism of Raxstar, we were able to fully encapsulate what these family times mean to many in the South Asian community.”