Venables Bell + Partners Announce Art and Activism Exhibition “What Remains” in Support of LGBTQIA+ Mental Health and Benefiting Queer LifeSpace

July 27th, 2023 [SAN FRANCISCO, CA] - Independent advertising agency Venables Bell + Partners announced today the launch of an art and activism exhibition, What Remains, developed in partnership with Schlomer Haus Gallery. The exhibit features original art pieces from ten local artists and challenges Americans to continue their support of the LGBTQIA+ community beyond Pride month each June. Proceeds will benefit Queer LifeSpace, a nonprofit counseling agency that provides affordable, evidence-based mental health and substance abuse services to the LGBTQIA+ community in the Bay Area.

"Pride has become an incredible month-long celebration of identity, empowerment, and activism for the LGBTQIA+ community; sadly, however, support and advocacy from the general public, as well as corporations who are profiting, dramatically drops when June ends and the parades and rainbow-colored initiatives are over. The reality is that challenges facing the community, particularly related to mental health, remain year-round," said Venables Bell + Partners Group Creative Director Matt Keats. "What Remains takes the remnants and discarded debris from SF's 2023 Pride Parade and transforms them into enduring works of art — all to support an organization making a real difference in people's lives. We hope that is something that will remain with people long after the parades."

Curated by Schlomer Haus Gallery in SF's Castro District, What Remains, features original works from ten local artists who are also members of the LGBTQIA+ community: Marcel Pardo Ariza, Monica Canilao, Jamil Hellu, Alexander Hernandez, Alma Lendeta, Jason Mecier, Leonard Reidelbach, Nat Saia, Nicole Shaffer, Jun Yang. Each of the ten original works will be available for sale beginning on August 4th at the gallery and via online auction (go to for further details), with 100% of the proceeds going to Queer LifeSpace’s EQUARTY program for emerging queer artists. Additionally, twenty-five limited edition prints of each art piece will be available for sale through the Schlomer Haus Gallery’s Instagram account (schlomer_haus_gallery), with 50% of proceeds benefiting Queer LifeSpace and 50% going directly to the artists.

“At Queer LifeSpace, we are resolutely mission-driven and client-centered — committed to transforming the harsh statistics surrounding LGBTQIA+ mental health,” said Ryan MacCarrigan, Executive Director at Queer LifeSpace. “Our collaboration with VB+P and Schlomer Haus Gallery will be instrumental in extending our reach and bolstering new initiatives such as the EQUARTY program. This initiative, designed to empower emerging queer artists by providing access to therapy alongside access to business training and other programming, stands as an example of our shared dedication. What Remains amplifies our mission and kindles hope within our community. Uplifting LGBTQIA+ mental health isn't a singular act but a constant process of understanding, acceptance, and advocacy that must continue long after Pride Month ends. We must all play a role in shaping a future that embraces and cherishes the full spectrum of diversity.”

"With this thought-provoking group show, we aim to change the narrative surrounding Pride,” said Steffan Schlarb, Co-owner and Director of Schlomer Haus Gallery. “We want to inspire genuine support and advocate for tangible outcomes within the queer community. Through art, we can ensure that our voices continue to be heard long after the rainbow flags have been packed away."

What Remains opens at the Schlomer Haus Gallery on Friday, August 4th at 5 pm (during the Castro Gallery Walk event) and will run until August 26th. Event details are posted here. Schlomer Haus Gallery is located at 2128 Market St in San Francisco, CA.