Zefr's Advanced AI Solution Offers Enhanced Controls, Transparency, and Reporting across Reels for Brands

Advanced AI Solution Offers Enhanced Controls, Transparency, and Reporting across Reels for Brands

London, Oct. 10, 2023 - Today, Zefr, the leader in brand safety and suitability technology, is proud to announce our AI-Powered Brand Suitability Solution is now available across Facebook and Instagram Reels. This marks a significant evolution in ensuring brand safety and suitability across Meta, providing brands with unparalleled transparency into their content adjacencies on Reels - a video-rich format that demands the most sophisticated technology and AI for scaled measurement.

By leveraging the massive global scale of Reels and having the tools to gauge brand suitability, advertisers can explore new reach opportunities and engage a more expansive audience, boosting their overall media efficiencies. Zefr's cross-industry collaboration with both Meta and the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) ensures that ad-adjacent content is aligned with GARM's safety and suitability standards.

Zefr's brand suitability verification solution for Reels provides advertisers with an intuitive Atrium dashboard, showcasing content-level examples, risk levels and impression data aligned to the GARM Safety and Suitability standards, categorising content based on risk level. We also collaborate with Meta to ensure brand interests remain safeguarded throughout the ecosystem.

"As we look to the future of the digital landscape, we're ensuring our global brand partners receive unparalleled transparency and reporting across the world's largest social platforms. Our collaboration with Meta in developing this independent, AI-powered solution for Reels underscores our commitment in evolving the responsible marketing landscape," says Richard Raddon, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Zefr.

Samantha Stetson, VP, Client Council and Industry Trade Relations at Meta, said, "Working with partners like Zefr has been instrumental in providing advertisers with critical brand suitability solutions like third party verification. Our cross-industry efforts represent significant progress in our broader brand safety and suitability efforts, offering advertisers both control and transparency on the suitability of their campaigns – and we are thrilled to now offer these solutions on such Reels, an important and growing placement for clients."

About Zefr:

Zefr's products put brands in control of their content adjacency on scaled platforms including YouTube, Meta and TikTok, based on brand and industry standards like the Global Alliance of Responsible Media (GARM) framework. Rather than rely on broad semantic tools like keywords, Zefr leverages a patented AI technology combining human cognition and review with machine learning models to offer brands and agencies more accurate and transparent targeting and measurement solutions on scaled platforms.

Zefr has also made investments in technology solutions for misinformation avoidance with their 2022 acquisition of Adverifai, an Israeli-based AI company that integrates misinformation into Zefr's AI tech stack through global fact-checking organisations, providing training data to inform scalable misinformation identification and measurement.

To learn more about Zefr, please visit: http://www.zefr.com